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Genre: Comedy
Original language: English
Release date (streaming): May 27, 2021
Duration: 1h 44m

On January 1, 2020, at midnight, Friends was unceremoniously removed from Netflix after five years. The NBC sitcom, one of the streamer’s most popular traits, was soon to become the flagship for WarnerMedia’s young subscription service, HBO Max, accompanied by a much-touted reunion special with the original cast. Of course, the global Covid-19 outbreak temporarily ruined the plans for the special, and in the first few months of the pandemic, fans quarantined at home briefly no longer had an official platform to chat with old friends As many had done terrestrial television after 9/11, which put the show back at the top of what was then Nielsen ratings.
In a way, however, Friends: The Reunion arrives on time, a year after HBO Max originally launched, and just like parts of the world, including the US, are going back to normal (-ish). Social media is full of heartbreaking, some say manipulative videos of families and friends reuniting for the first time since the pandemic, and despite the falseness of the special, that context adds a new level of sharpness to the cast’s tearful reactions to seeing the old sets, clips from the show and of course each other.

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The episode titles in “Friends” were clearly general: “The One Where Ross and Rachel take a break”, “The One With the Monkey”. The template said a few things about the show. This was a comedy that would never take itself seriously; It wouldn’t call an episode “Ozymandias”. The titles assumed you would forget about them. It understood how fans watched TV and how they talked about it.

“Friends: The Reunion”, the cute, shaggy special that arrives at HBO Max on Thursday, makes something else about the titles clear: They are pre-nostalgic. They are written as you would try to remember the consequences years later — for example, if you meet again.

And when I say “you” I am including the actors who starred in them. “Do you remember the one you threw a ball back and forth on?” Jennifer Aniston asks her old colleagues. (It was actually called “The One With The Ball”.) Later, Matt LeBlanc recalls that he was in his kitchen and saw a rerun of “The One With the Lederhosen”. (Actually “the one with all the resolutions”.)

The “Friends” stars are, give or take a few zillion dollars and covers of magazines, just like us. You just want to remember. And this reunion is a memory of this machine. Central Perk, “Smelly Cat”, “We were on a break”; check, check and check.

Nostalgia has been built into “Friends”, right down to the concept co-creator David Crane describes here as “It is about this time in your life when your friends were your family”.

In other words, it’s a show about a time that you know will end as you live through it, that you will look back on later, with a new life and new responsibilities that romanticize the days when you were young , hot and broke. but somehow live in an inappropriately large apartment.
So this special is Memory Lanes’ super expressway, an hour and three quarters that put different formats together: a talk show interview with James Corden; a celebrity tribute; a collection of behind-the-scenes clips; and a repetition and recreation of classic scenes.

But first the waterworks. “Friends” has always been a balance between fine-grained comedy writing and emotion, and the reunion begins and ends with the latter. The performers step onto the old Warner Bros. stage one after the other to embrace and crank the angels’ music, as if they were meeting in the afterlife — which they are in the TV sense too.

I doubt the fans will give them a little juice. “Friends” is perhaps the most popular sitcom of all time — by which I don’t mean “best” or even “most popular”, but simply that its overall success has been creating a sense of ingenious affection for yourself and your characters. “All in the Family” made arguments. “The Simpsons” made an immeasurable world. “Friends” just made friends.
For this reason, the mandatory testimonials from the speaking heads are nice but redundant — although it is delightful to hear Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, described by her best friend Vee Kativhu as “Joey with a touch of Phoebe”.

Likewise, Cordens interview feels peripheral among all the elements here, especially since so many of his questions are based on “Do you remember when?” and “What do you remember?” (A question about offscreen relationships gives you the revelation that a competent advertising team will try to trumpet like it’s evidence of life on Mars.)

The special is better when it gets out of the way of the cast and shows us what attracted us to them and each other. As a special note, they were relative unknowns who were suddenly thrown into the celebrity panopticon. Now they are like a crew of astronauts tied to some otherworldly experience. As David Schwimmer says, only the six really understand what they went through, and their interactions now feel protective.

The best part about the reunion is what it isn’t: the cast and creators are determined to never do a revival episode that they are in now. (“I don’t want anyone’s happy ending unraveled,” says Lisa Kudrow, and thank God.) Instead, they use set pieces to recreate the experience of the series, like a rerun of the boy-versus-girl trivia game from The With the embryos ”, and in particular the table reads.